About Us

Smiling group of students gathering around the table with their professor in the classroom and studying.

Mission & Purpose

Life of a human that is what matters!

DASchool, LLC is Denver Adaptation School. It’s primarily a coding school & graphic design training in colorado. We use this name because our goal is to make adaptation in the United States smoother and more rewarding. We believe that providing our services will help make your adaptation in the US and Colorado, in particular, a joyful path with safer future, better life conditions many of newcomers to the States have never had in the land they had to depart from for different reasons.

Our goal is to help you learn/improve your English language skills as the First step into a better future for you and your family! Adaptation without language communication skills is doomed to hardships, failures, and frustration in most cases. You have not come to Colorado in such hopes, right?:)

Second step – learn new or adapt your skills to the new country and its demand! We suggest that you should consider learning several of the most affordable as per money and time skills: Computer BasicsGraphic Design, Website Development (HTML, CSS), Coding Classes (JavaScript, PHPC++, Java, Python) and much more to learn in Denver, Colorado.

We offer Programming courses in Denver for people ready to become high-class programmers of Mobile applications as well as skilled software developers employers would fight for!

In addition, you may choose to be a Designer, then we suggest looking into Photoshop Courses in Denver, Illustrator classes and InDesign training in Colorado.  

We are certain that when you successfully complete one of these courses your future in the US will bring you security, opportunities, assurance and relief from all your previous and endless struggles for happiness that brought frustration for many of you!

Make the right choice in the beginning!

Fuel the Future

Each student who successfully completes his course will receive Denver Adaptation School Certificate to support you on his\her life journey!

But it is not all we can offer!

If you are a gifted, hardworking person we will help you understand the job market, how to create a selling resume to find a job relevant to new skills received at DASchool.

We are here to teach you and help you find your own path to happiness!